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Near-Infrared Light-Emitting Ambipolar Organic Field-Effect Transistors


  • The work of E.C.P.S. forms part of the research program of the Dutch Polymer Institute (DPI) project No: 516. T.D.A. is grateful to EC (HPRN-CT-2002-00327) and EPSRC for financial support. T.D.A. is an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow. D.M.D.L. and R.C. gratefully acknowledge the support of the EU projects NAIMO (NMP4-CT-2004-500355) and RADSAS (NMP3-CT-2004-001561). We are grateful to Piet Rommers, Inge Vorstenbosch, and Otto Muskens for their help with performing the CV, PL, and EL measurements and to Eduard Meijer for his useful discussions.


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Near-IR light-emitting ambipolar OFETs are demonstrated, employing a squaraine derivative as the electroactive layer. Efficient control of the emission-region position in the channel is achieved by varying the drain/gate potentials. By using a transport model, combined with experimental results, strong metal-induced electroluminescence quenching is observed when light emission takes place in close proximity to the source–drain electrodes (see figure).

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