Templated Fabrication of Nanowire and Nanoring Arrays Based on Interference Lithography and Electrochemical Deposition


  • The authors acknowledge financial support of this research through the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF, Project No. 03N8701). We thank Dr. Xin Chen, Dr. Frank Müller, and Dr. Mato Knez for valuable discussions and Mr. Klaus-Peter Meyer and Mrs. Sigrid Hopfe for technical support.


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Periodic photoresist patterns have been fabricated by laser interference lithography over a wafer-scale area. The structures are used as an etching mask for the subsequent reactive-ion etching of the underlying Si3N4 layer and etched about 9 nm into the highly doped Si substrate. Au nanowire or nanoring arrays have been prepared by selective electrochemical deposition on the step edges of the Si3N4 structures (see figure and cover).