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Advanced Materials

Aligned Ultralong ZnO Nanobelts and Their Enhanced Field Emission


  • The work is supported by DOE DE-FG02-00ER45805 (Z. F. R), NSF ECS-0210533 (M. J. N.), National Laboratory for Vacuum Electronic (B. Q. Z), and NSFC No. 60071022 and No. 600532011 (B. Q. Z).


Aligned ultralong ZnO nanobelts with an average length of 3.3 mm and widths up to 6 μm (see figure) are synthesized on a metal substrate through a one-step process. The nanobelts obtained from this molten-salt-assisted thermal evaporation route show an emission current density of 1 mA cm–2 at an electric field of 2.9 V μm–1, resulting from their high field-enhancement factor (1.4 × 104).

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