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Advanced Materials

Semiconductor Sub-Micro-/ Nanochannel Networks by Deterministic Layer Wrinkling


  • We thank Dr. S. Mendach, Dr. C. Deneke, Dr. M. Stoffel, and Dr. A. Rastelli for helpful discussions, and U. Waizmann, A. Schulz, E. Coric, W. Winter, U. Zschieschang, and M. Riek for experimental assistance. We also thank Dr. Thamm at Karl Zeiss AG for use of the Axiocam HSm. This work is financially supported by the BMBF (03N8711). Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


Semiconductor micro-/nanochannel networks are developed by deterministic layer wrinkling and applied into a fluidics study. Both linear (see figure) and circular nanochannel networks, consisting of a main channel and several perpendicularly oriented branch channels, are created, where the periodicity and position of the branch channels can be tuned and controlled by changing the width of the partially released layers and by applying appropriate lithography.

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