Simple Fabrication Method of Conductive Polymeric Arrays by Using Direct Laser Interference Micro-/Nanopatterning


  • The authors greatly acknowledge the scholarships awarded to A. Lasagni by the DFG Graduiertenkolleg GRK 232/3-2 and the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD). The research work of Prof. Mücklich was supported by the Alfred Krupp Prize for Young University Teachers awarded by the Krupp Foundation. D.F. Acevedo thanks CONICET for a graduate scholarship and ADEMAT (αlfa program, EU) programme for financing his research training at the Saarland University. C. A. Barbero is a permanent fellow of CONICET.


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Thin films of polyaniline (PANI) deposited onto different polymeric substrates are nanostructured by using “direct laser interference patterning” at room temperature and pressure in air atmosphere. Regular linelike arrays (see figure) with thicknesses up to 600 nm are fabricated and their activity is determined using different techniques. The structuring mechanisms of PANI supported in both polycarbonate and polyimide films are demonstrated using cross-sectional analyses performed with a dual-beam workstation.