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Advanced Materials

Chirality Induction in Bulk Gold and Silver


  • The development of the new composite materials is supported by the US Air Force (Award #FA9550-06-1-0227) and by the Israel Science Foundation (Grant #494/05). We thank the Unit for Nanoscopic Characterization of the Harvey M. Krueger Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, The Hebrew University for analytical support. R.N. acknowledges the support of the Grand Center.


Can a metal be made chiral? Evidence is provided for the induction of chirality in metals doped with chiral molecules (see figure). Gold and silver doped with L-glutathione or L-quinine or either D- or L-tryptophan show clear differences in the emission efficiency of the metal photoelectrons when irradiated with either clockwise or counter-clockwise circularly polarized UV light.

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