New Magnetic Properties of Silicon/Silicon Oxide Interfaces


  • We thank Prof. Itamar Procaccia for helpful discussions and suggestions regarding the structural function. We wish to thank Dr. Hagai Cohen for performing the XPS experiments and Dr. Yishay Feldman for the AFM work. We thank Dr. Sidney Cohen and Dr. Shirley Daube for critical reading of the manuscript and good advice. This study was partially supported by the Schmidt Minerva Center and the Nancy and Stephen Grand Center for Sensors and Security.


Silicon/silicon oxide interfaces are found to possess magnetic properties when the surface is etched to a specific morphology. By measuring the surface roughness (see figure) using atomic force microscopy, and monitoring the magnetic response as a function of magnetic field, the relation between the magnetism and the surface structure is established. The observations indicate that the magnetism is related to a cooperative effect on the surface.

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