Rod-Shaped Assemblies of FePt-PtTe2 through Dynamic Templating


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge funding from NSF through DMR 0519081 and ECS 0501488 grants, NY State through the Focus Center, a Honda Research Initiation Grant, and NSFC grant 10407035. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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Rod-shaped assemblies of FePt nanoparticles embedded amidst PtTe2 nanoplatelets, formed by co-precipitation in the presence of sucrose and trioctylphosphine oxide. The (001) planes in each of the PtTe2 nanoplatelets are stacked along directions close to the nanorod axis. Separate precipitation of FePt or PtTe2 under identical conditions yield spheres or randomly shaped clusters platelets, underscoring the key influence of co-precipitation on the morphology of the nanostructure assembly.