Yielding of Metallic Glass Foam by Percolation of an Elastic Buckling Instability


  • The authors would like to acknowledge valuable discussions with K. Samwer, J. Schroers, R. D. Conner, S. Bossuyt, R. Birringer, M.-A. Nicolet, and L. A. Dunning, and the contributions of A. R. Kinnamon in the image analysis and of M. Kretzschmer in the construction of the loading fixture at the ESRF. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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Real-time X-ray microtomography is used to study the underlying mechanisms of the yielding and collapse of a closed-cell metallic glass foam (see figure). Intercellular and intracellular deformations upon compressive loading are examined in situ. A shear-stability analysis reveals that glassy foams obey the same universal yield criterion as zero-temperature glasses, suggesting a link between the floppy modes in a glass and the buckling instabilities in a stochastic cellular structure.