Ultrafine Single-Crystalline Gold Nanowire Arrays by Oriented Attachment


  • The authors would like to acknowledge financial support from DST Nanoscience Initiative and CSIR, Govt. of India. A.H. acknowledges CSIR for a student fellowship. A.H. and N.R. thank Dr. Michael Rajamathi and Dr. Vijay Shenoy for discussions. The Tecnai F30 TEM is a part of the National Microscopy Facility at the Institute Nanoscience Initiative, Indian Institute of Science.


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Ultrafine single-crystalline gold nanowires (see figure) are synthesized by oriented attachment of nanoparticles in the solution phase. An amine capping agent is preferentially removed from the {111} planes, which causes the wires to form by fusion along these planes. Such nanowires can be used as the fundamental building blocks for nanoelectronics, and will enable basic studies on electric transport in one-dimensional structures to be carried out.