Effect of Generation and Soft Lithography on Semiconducting Dendrimer Lasers


  • The authors are grateful to EPSRC and CDT Oxford Ltd. for financial support and to Dr. Piers Andrew and Prof. Bill Barnes (University of Exeter) for the supply of etched silica substrates. We thank Mr Scott Richardson for the photograph in the graphical abstract. I.D.W.S. is an EPSRC Senior Research Fellow.


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Conjugated dendrimers are promising optoelectronic materials as their modular architecture enables independent tuning of the optical, electronic, and processing properties. Dendrimer distributed feedback lasers are demonstrated, and an improvement in slope efficiency from 0.3 % to 1.6 % is seen as the dendrimer generation is increased. Simple fabrication of the lasers by soft lithography is also shown, giving a high slope efficiency of 14 %. The combination of high efficiency dendrimer gain media and soft lithographic fabrication techniques makes conjugated dendrimers attractive materials for organic semiconductor lasers.