A Tetrazolate- and Cyano-Bridged Homometallic Mixed-Valence Copper(I,II) Molecular Ferrimagnet


  • This work was financially supported by NSFC 20401011, FANEDD 200422, NCET-05-0270, Novelty Project of Shanxi Graduates 20061022, and Education Bureau of Shanxi. Special thanks are given to Professor Marc Drillon, S. Gao and M.-L. Tong for their constructive suggestions. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A solvothermal reaction of a cupric salt and tetrazole in acetonitrile generates a tetrazolate (tta)- and cyano-bridged homometallic mixed- valence copper(I,II) molecular ferrimagnet, [Cu5(tta)6(CN)2] (see figure), that exhibits a field-induced transition from a 3D antiferromagnetic state to a ferrimagnetic state at 7.9 K.