Photonic Glass: A Novel Random Material for Light


  • This work was partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Education under contract MAT2003-01237 and NAN2004-08843, the EU under contract IST-511616 NoE PhOREMOST. A.B. also acknowledges Programa Ramón y Cajal. We also acknowledge fruitful discussions with D. Wiersma and the Complex Photonics group of LENS (Florence).


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A new photonic material is presented: “photonic glass”. This is a 3D completely disordered solid arrangement of monodisperse dielectric spheres (see figure). Monodispersity ensures single-sphere optical resonances to be observed. Very thick (from tenths to few millimetres) uniform samples can be grown by attenuating the inter-sphere interaction. Thin (correlated) disordered films can be grown by vertical convective deposition and selective etching of binary colloidal suspensions.