Patterned Surfaces with Pillars with Controlled 3D Tip Geometry Mimicking Bioattachment Devices


  • The authors thank Melanie Wirkner for making some of the lithographic SU-8 templates, Dr. M. Schaub and Dr. M. Grünwald from Heraeus Kulzer (Dormagen) for providing Provil Novo and P2 materials, Dr. A. Persadko for building the adhesion test equipment, M. Mannsberger and D. Drotlef for helping in the fabrication process and M. Riek and Dr. R. Kemkemer for support in the clean-room activities.


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Structured surfaces with 3D pillars with different geometries resembling those found in biological-attachment devices are microfabricated and their adhesion performance is tested (see figure). This work provides the first experimental evidence of the influence of the contact shape on the adhesion of structured surfaces and paves the road to a better understanding of biological-attachment systems and to optimum designs of artificial analogues.