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Advanced Materials

Air-Stable Polymer Electronic Devices


  • Research at UCSB was supported by Konarka Technologies (Lowell, MA) and by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Charles Lee Program Officer. Research at PNU (S.H.P. and S.H.K.) was supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology of under the International Cooperation Research Program (M6-0605-00-0005). The authors thank Hongsuk Suh (PNU) for providing the polyfluorene samples.


By introducing a titanium oxide (TiOx) layer between the active layer and the aluminum cathode in polymer-based electronic devices (see figure), devices with excellent air stability and with enhanced performance are demonstrated. The TiOx layer acts as a shielding and scavenging layer that prevents the intrusion of oxygen and humidity into the electronically active polymers, thereby improving the lifetime of unpackaged devices exposed to air by nearly two orders of magnitude.

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