Low-Temperature Epitaxial Growth of Vertical In2O3 Nanowires on A-Plane Sapphire with Hexagonal Cross-Section


  • This work is supported by the National Science Council of Taiwan. In addition, the authors are grateful for the financial support from the Ministry of Economic Affair of Taiwan, under the grant number 95-EC-17A-08-S1-0006.


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Epitaxial growth of vertical In2O3 (111) nanowires with hexagonal cross-section on a-plane sapphire is reported. The figure showing the vertical wires is viewed at 45° from the substrate normal. These wires taper gradually towards the tops and they start to bend near the tips. Because of the low-temperature growth, the wires possess a new hexagonal symmetry and a shortest photoluminescence wavelength among those that have been reported for In2O3 nanowires.