Grafted 2D Assembly of Colloidal Metal Nanoparticles for Application as a Variable Capacitor


  • The authors are indebted to D. Schmauss and I. Vickridge (INSP, Paris) for access to the Van de Graaff accelerator of the Institut des Nanosciences and for their help with the RBS analysis. The authors acknowledge the French Ministry for Education and Research for financial support (ACI Nanoscience).


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A combination of sputtering and colloidal chemistry is employed to prepare [Co/Al2O3//Ru nanoparticles//Al2O3/Co] junctions (see figure). These junctions are applied as variable capacitors relying on Coulomb blockades in a 2D assembly of nanoparticles. AC measurements show a significant capacitance variation as a function of applied DC voltage with a maximum of relative variation value that is proportional to the particle density embedded in the dielectric layer and is in good agreement with the theoretical model.