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Advanced Materials

Novel Biohybrid Materials by Electrospinning: Nanofibers of Poly(ethylene oxide) and Living Bacteria


  • The authors are indebted to Johannes Koch, Weng Tan, Marita Kratz, and to Rolf-Alexander Düring for support in initial experiments of bacteria spinning and to Volkswagenstiftung for partial financial support.


Poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) fibers with living bacteria were obtained by electrospinning of aqueous dispersions of E. coli and Microccus luteus bacteria with PEO. E. coli as well as Micrococcus luteus bacteria survived electrospinning process. However, E. coli did not survive dry storage in PEO nonwovens at 20 °C for more than one hour. In contrast, Micrococcus luteus survived at least 250 h dry storage at 20 °C in eletrospun PEO nonwovens.

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