A Strategy for Dimensional Percolation in Sheared Nanorod Dispersions


  • We acknowledge helpful conversations with Prof. Richard Smith, Department of Statistics, UNC-CH. Effort sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Materials Command, the Intelligence Community (IC) Postdoctoral Program (USA)F grant F49620-6-0088, the National Science Foundation through grants 0406374, 0604891, 0604912, and the Army Research Office, under grant number W911NF-04-D-0004. This work is supported in part by the NASA University Research, Engineering and Technology Institute on Bio Inspired Materials (BIMat) under award No. NCC-1-02037.


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Dimensional percolation thresholds of sheared nanorod dispersions are characterized with a novel 3-part numerical strategy. Nanorod probability distribution functions (PDFs) are computed versus shear rate and volume fraction, including rotational diffusion and excluded-volume interactions. A Monte Carlo algorithm draws from each PDF to populate physical shear- processed monodomains. A data-mining algorithm yields nanoparticle percolation statistics in all directions relative to the flow (x), flow-gradient (y), and vorticity (z) axes.