Fabrication of Double-Length-Scale Patterns via Lithography, Block Copolymer Templating, and Electrodeposition


  • We thank Dr. C. L. Hwang of the Material and Chemical Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute, for his help in the growth of CNTs by CVD. We also thank Mr. C.-H. Fu of Display Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute for his help in the setup of two-electrode CNT devices and measurements of field-emission properties. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A straightforward and effective method for the fabrication of double-length-scale patterned (i.e., composite micro- and nanopatterned) carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays can be achieved by block copolymer templating on a prepatterned conducting substrate followed by electroplating to deposit Ni (see figure). Significant improvement in the current density with low threshold voltage and high field-emission efficiency can be found in the composite micro- and nanopatterns of CNT arrays.