Synthesis of Vertical High-Density Epitaxial Si(100) Nanowire Arrays on a Si(100) Substrate Using an Anodic Aluminum Oxide Template


  • This work was partially supported by the European project NODE 015783 and by the BMBF project DIP-K 6.1. Preparation of TEM specimens was performed by S. Swatek. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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Growth of vertical epitaxial Si(100) nanowires on Si(100) substrates is demonstrated (see figure) using a combination of an anodic aluminum oxide template, catalytic Au particles embedded in nanopores directly on the Si substrate by using electroless deposition, and vapor–liquid–solid growth using SiH4. HF acid treatment of the porous alumina template is important to realize a direct contact between deposited Au in the AAO nanopores and the Si substrate.