Flexible Transparent Clay Films with Heat-Resistant and High Gas-Barrier Properties


  • We would like to express our gratitude towards Ms. Phunthinee Somwongsa, Mr. Nobuhiko Teshima, Ms. Asami Suzuki, Ms. Marina Suzuki, Ms. Chie Shiina, and Ms. Murai Satoko for their technical help.


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Flexible transparent clay films with heat resistant and high gas-barrier properties are fabricated by using a simple casting procedure. The properties are as follows, lower than 0.1 cm3 20 μm m–2 day–1 atm–1 for oxygen permeability, over 90 % total visible-light transmittance, and heat durability up to 350  °C. The figure shows the transparency of the film before and after heat treatment at 350  °C for one hour.