Self-Organization of Heteroepitaxial CeO2 Nanodots Grown from Chemical Solutions


  • We acknowledge the financial support from MEC (MAT2005-02047 and NAN2004-09133-CO3-01), FPU Program and CSD2007-00041, Generalitat de Catalunya (SGR-0029 and CeRMAE), CSIC (CANNAMUS) and EU (HIPERCHEM, NMP4-CT2005-516858).


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Self-organized rows of CeO2 nanodots (see image) have been achieved through centering of islands within the terraces of vicinal perovskite substrates. The extraordinary effectiveness for lateral confinement, with islands' heights ∼ 20 times larger than the lattice steps, results from the non-coherent vertical interfaces at the substrate steps between dissimilar crystallographic structures.