Hybrid Diamond-Graphite Nanowires Produced by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition


  • The authors thank A.V. Saveliev for the UNCD synthesis, J. Oswalt (Horiba Group of Jobin Yvon Raman Division) for providing an opportunity to work with the UV LabRAM HR instrument and G. Le Bourdon for assistance in Raman spectra measurements. This work was partially supported by grants No. BIL05/RU/37 and 05-02-19807 of the Bilateral Scientific Collaboration Agreement between Flanders and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.


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The hybrid diamond-graphite nanowires with lengths up to a few hundred nanometers have been identified as structural units in UNCD films synthesized by chemical vapor deposition with nitrogen gas added. This hybrid material consist of a single crystalline diamond core of 5–6 nm in diameter oriented along the [110] principal axis and graphitic shells of different thickness covering the core.