A Photosynthetic Reaction Center Covalently Bound to Carbon Nanotubes


  • We thank F. C. Simmel and J. P. Kotthaus for stimulating discussions and technical support. We gratefully acknowledge financial support by CeNS and the Nanosystems Initiative Munich, the DFG grant HO-3324/2, and the DFG SFB 486 TP A1.


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The photosystem reaction center I is covalently bound to carbon nanotubes using carbodiimide chemistry. The hybrid systems are characterized by atomic force microscopy, and UV-VIS spectroscopy, indicating a high degree of conjugation between the photosystem reaction center and the carbon nanotubes. Three different architectures for optoelectronic circuits are presented, which have the potential to serve as basis for molecular optoelectronic devices.