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Advanced Materials

Spontaneous Chemical Vapor Growth of NiSi Nanowires and Their Metallic Properties


  • This work was supported by the Nano R&D Program through the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (2007-02864), the Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science & Technology, (KICOS) through a grant provided by the Korean Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) in 2007 (No. K20716000006-07A0400-00610), the Korean Research Foundation Grant MOEHRD (KRF-2005-005-J13103), the “System IC 2010” project of the Korean Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, and the POSTECH Core Research Program.


A simple and controlled growth of metallic NiSi nanowires at low temperatures (< 400 °C) by a chemical vapor deposition using SiH4 at a low supersaturation limit is reported. It is demonstrated that the simple and low temperature synthesis of metallic nanowires is compatible with conventional Si processing and provide interesting strategies for their possible applications as interconnects in Si microelectronics and as field emitters in field emission displays.

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