Spatial Forcing of Self-Organized Microwrinkles by Periodic Nanopatterns


  • This work was partly supported by a grant-in-aid for young scientists (B) (No. 18750195) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. We thank N. Uchida, T. Yamaguchi, M. Eiswirth, M. Aono, T. Isoshima, M. Hara, S. Matsushita, T. Higuchi, and N. Fujikawa for their informative discussions and supporting the experiments.


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Spatially forced self-organized microwrinkles using a substrate with periodic nanopatterns are fabricated by nanolithography. The hard (metal, organic or inorganic/organic) film formed on the patterned substrate forms precisely directed wrinkles under lateral compression. The wavelength is resonantly forced to the integral multiples of the periodicity of nanopatterns.