Optical Gain Performance of Epitaxially Grown para-Sexiphenyl Films


  • The authors thankfully acknowledge fruitful discussions with F. Balzer and H. G. Rubahn. The work in Cagliari has been partially funded by MIUR through FIRB projects (Synergy-FIRBRBNE03S7XZ and FIRB-RBAU01N449), by the European commission through the Human Potential Programs (RTN Nanomatch, Contract No. MRTN-CT-2006-035884). M.S. acknowledges the Italian Government Program ‘Rientro dei Cervelli'. The work in Linz is supported by the Austrian Science Foundation (Projects No. NFN S9706, NFN S9707, and NFN S9711).


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Optical gain performance of epitaxially-grown nanostructured para-sexiphenyl films is demonstrated to be outstanding. The combination of high structural order and low lattice temperature results in a material system with ultrawide (ca. 1 eV) gain bandwidth and long (ca. 1 ns) gain lifetime (see figure) that allows an optimistic outlook for broadband laser applications.