Surface-Plasmon-Enhanced Light-Emitting Diodes


  • The authors wish to thank Dr. O. H. Cha (Semiconductor Physics Research Center and Department of Semiconductor Science and Technology, Chonbuk National University) for helping with the time-resolved photoluminescence measurements. This work was supported by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) grant funded by the Korea government (MOST) (No. R17-2007-078-01000-0), BK 21 program and Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. in Korea.


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A surface-plasmon-enhanced InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well blue LED with an embedded Ag nanoparticle layer inserted between the n-GaN layer and the MQW layer is presented. Time-resolved photoluminescence experiments revealed that the spontaneous emission rate was increased significantly by energy transfer between the quantum well light emitter and the surface plasmons from the Ag nanoparticles. A 32.2% increase in optical output power of the LED is observed.