Advanced Materials

Fabrication and Light-Transmission Properties of Monolayer Square Symmetric Colloidal Crystals via Controlled Convective Self-assembly on 1D Grooves


  • We thank C. T. Chan and W. Y. Tam for helpful discussions. This work was supported by the State Key Program for Basic Research of China, NSFC under grant Nos. 10425415, 10734010, and 50771054 and Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province under grant No. BK2006716. Z.L.W. is grateful for the Distinguished Youth Foundation of NSFC.


Self-organization of colloidal spheres within a channel, of which a 1D periodic groove substrate is used as the bottom substrate, is studied. We demonstrate that high-quality monolayer square symmetric colloidal crystals can be achieved only when the colloidal suspension drying front is set parallel to close-packing rows of a commensurate square lattice of the 1D periodic grooves. Experimental optical characterization and theoretical simulations of the samples are presented and discussed.

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