Controlled Loading of Nanoparticles into Submicrometer Holes


  • The authors wish to thank Prof. E. Zubarev and Prof. P. Nordlander for useful discussions. This work is supported by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research Grant F49620-03-C-0068, the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant EEC-0304097 and ECS-0421108, the Texas Institute for Bio-Nano Materials and Structures for Aerospace Vehicles funded by NASA Cooperative Agreement No. NCC-1-02038, the Robert A. Welch Foundation Grant C-1220, and the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) Grant W911NF-04-01-0203.


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Controlled nanoparticle loading into submicron holes is driven by electrostatic interparticle and particle-hole interactions. The average number of trapped nanoparticles increases with the ionic strength of the suspending medium (left). The relative particle-hole sizes determine the average number of trapped metal nanoparticles (right).