Mobile Ionic Impurities in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Gate Dielectric: Possible Source of the Hysteresis in Organic Field-Effect Transistors


  • The authors thank R. Fuss (Kuraray Specialities Europe) for supplying various PVA materials and M. Himmelsbach and B. Ernecker (Institute for Analytical Chemistry, University of Linz) for their valuable support during AAS measurements. This work has been financially supported by the Austrian Science Foundation “FWF” within the National Research Network NFN on Organic Devices (S097 12000 and S097 11000).


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Ionic impurities in gate dielectrics are outlined as a possible source for threshold voltage shifts in organic field effect transistors. Using poly(vinyl alcohol) containing sodium acetate impurities we show how transistors can be designed for memory elements or polymer integrated circuits.