Colloidal Crystal Wires


  • The authors would like to thank R. Fenollosa for the critical reading of the manuscript and the Electronic Microscopy Service of the UPV for technical support. This work has been partially supported by the Spanish CICyT, projects MAT2006-03097, TEC2006-06531 and Consolider project CSD2007-046. I.R. thanks the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science for a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship. M.Tymczenko thanks the fellowship of Tekn. Dr. Marcus Wallenbergs stiftelse för utbildning i internationellt industriellt företagande.


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Several configurations of colloidal wires are obtained by infiltration of charge-stabilized polystyrene spheres into cylindrical pores of a silicon membrane (see figure). As channel dimensions are comparable to those of particles, wirelike arrangements are governed by the ratio between the pore diameter and the particle diameter. Also, Coulomb repulsion between particles plays a very important role in the particle ordering.