Nanorods as Wavelength-Selective Absorption Centers in the Visible and Near-Infrared Regions of the Electromagnetic Spectrum


  • We gratefully acknowledge Prof. H. Möhwald for discussions and support of this research. We also thank Rona Pitschke for transmission electron microscopy imaging and Annegret Praast for technical assistance. This work has been supported by the 6th FP EU-project STREP-NMP3-CT-2005-516 922 “SelectNANO” and the Volkswagen Foundation (I/80 051-054). We also thank the Emmy Noether Program of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (D.B.) for support and Ghent University for a BOF scholarship (B.G.D.G.).


original image

Nanorods embedded in polymeric capsules are used as wavelength-selective absorption centers to trigger the opening of the capsules and release of their contents upon laser illumination. The figure illustrates that by tuning the position of the surface plasmon peak of the nanorods, the microcapsules can be made sensitive to different wavelengths of light.