Advanced Materials

Well Ordered Polymer Melts from Blends of Disordered Triblock Copolymer Surfactants and Functional Homopolymers


  • Official contribution of the National Institute of Standards and Technology; not subject to copyright in the United States. We acknowledge support by NSF though CBET-0304159, the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CMMI-0531171) and the MRSEC at UMass-Amherst. Neutron scattering facilities are supported by the US Department of Commerce and in part by the NSF under agreement no. DMR-0454672.


Addition of a functional homopolymer induces disorder-to-order transition in commercially available Pluronic surfactant melts. This approach may facilitate the use of amphiphilic surfactants in the industrial fabrication of structured nanomaterials.

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