Advanced Materials

Controlled Integration of Nanocrystals in Inverted Hexagonal Nano-Pits at the Surface of Light-Emitting Heterostructures


  • S. Pereira thanks financial support from Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, and fruitful discussions with Profs. J. Rocha, V. Amaral, L. D. Carlos, and M. R. Correia. Dr. I. M. Watson acknowledges the UK EPSRC for support under Platform Grant EP/D078555.


Spontaneously formed nano-pits are exploited to effectively control the incorporation of gold nanocrystals (NCs) at the surface of light emitting InGaN/GaN heterostructures. Nano- engineering either the NCs size, or pit size, allows the number of NCs incorporated in each pit to be controlled, thus enabling research of well-defined assemblies of few gold NCs using an optically and electrically active substrate (see figure). The development of new nano-devices based on such hybrid nanostructures is briefly discussed.

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