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Advanced Materials

Growth of Thick MgB2 Films by Impinging-Jet Hybrid Physical-Chemical Vapor Deposition


  • This work was sponsored by the Office of Naval Research under grant numbers N00014-06-1-1019 (Redwing) and N00014-07-1-0079 (Xi) and the National Science Foundation under grant numbers DMR-0306746 (Xi and Redwing), DMR-0405502 (Li), and DMR-0405502 (Xi). The authors wish to acknowledge the assistance provided by Nichole Wonderling of the Materials Characterization Laboratory, Penn State University, for her assistance in the X-ray measurements.


Thick MgB2 films are grown using a novel impinging-jet hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition process. An increased amount of the boron source gas generates high growth rates. Superconducting properties of the thick films are comparable to previous results from other processes, which indicate that this is a promising new process for MgB2 deposition for coated conductor applications, such as wires and tapes for MRI magnets.

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