Meniscus-Controlled Continuous Fabrication of Arrays and Rolls of Extremely Long Micro- and Nano-Fibers


  • The work is supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. DMI 0328162 and CBET 0731096, the Grainger Foundation and the Office of Naval Research through the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. The microscopy analyses involved in this work were carried out in the Center for Microanalysis of Materials at the University of Illinois, which is partially supported by the Department of Energy under grant DEFG02-91-ER45439.


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A direct-write nanomanufacturing technique is developed for the high-speed, continuous fabrication of micro- and nano-fibers made of soluble ionic solids in a low-humidity ambient environment. The process is based on the fast evaporation of solvent and the precipitation of solute in the nanoscale meniscus. Freestanding nanofibers, suspended or stacked nanofiber arrays, and even a continuously wound microfiber roll with a fiber length over 40 cm are fabricated.