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Advanced Materials

Tailoring the Optical and Catalytic Properties of Gold-Silver Nanoboxes and Nanocages by Introducing Palladium


  • This work was supported in part by NSF (DMR-0451788), ACS (PRF-44353-AC10), and a Director's Pioneer Award from NIH (1DPOD000798). C.M.C. would like to thank the Center for Nanotechnology at the UW for an Early Bird Fellowship sponsored by NSF and NCI. We thank Professor Ron Sletten for the use of and assistance with his atomic emission spectrometer.


Nanoboxes and nanocages consisting of three noble metals–Pd, Au, and Ag–are synthesized through the use of sequential galvanic replacement reactions. In addition to their tunable plasmonic properties, these nanostructures catalyze hydrogenation reactions, such as the decolorization of methyl red. Both the plasmonic and catalytic properties are dependent on the order at which the salt precursors were added for the replacement reactions.

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