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Structural Evolution of Superconductor Nanowires in Biopolymer Gels


  • The authors gratefully acknowledge the Royal Society for financial support in the form of a University Research Fellowship (S.R.H.) and Christian Larsen and Peder Andersen of FMC Biopolymer for samples of alginate. Thanks are also extended to Dr. Alex Kulak and Dr. Sean Davis for advice on electron microscopy. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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A simple synthesis of superconductor nanowires (see figure) is carried out by rational design of the synthetic protocol. This technique is based on the selection of a component (in this case BaCO3) that remains invariant throughout the synthesis. A biopolymer matrix ensures antisintering of BaCO3 nanoparticles, leading to single-crystal outgrowth of the superconductor in this most technologically useful of morphologies.

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