Electrospinning of Diphenylalanine Nanotubes


  • We thank EMC microcollections, Tübingen, for a donation of peptide samples. We are indebted to A. Schulz for assistance with Raman spectromicroscopy, to the departments of Arzt and Spatz at the MPI for Metals Research (Stuttgart), and to S. Schmid for recording some of the SEM images. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


original image

Electrospinning from concentrated diphenylalanine solutions in a low-boiling-point solvent results in tubes that are chemically identical to self-assembled tubes, but show different morphologies, especially extreme lengths. Electrospinning of tubes offers more possibilities for manipulation, for example, bridging electrodes in parallel orientation, a possible patterning strategy for electrospun material.