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Advanced Materials

A Nanostructured Sn–C Composite Lithium Battery Electrode with Unique Stability and High Electrochemical Performance


  • This work has been carried out with the financial support of the European Network of Excellence ALISTORE and of the Italian Ministry of University and Research, MIUR, under a PRIN 2005 project. The authors wish to thank Dr. A. Chuvilin at the Central Facility of Electron Microscopy of the Universty of Ulm, Germany for kindly performing the TEM measurements.


A refined, nanostructured Sn–C composite with unique chemical stability is prepared and characterized. It is shown that this material can be used as an electrode in lithium cells with excellent electrochemical performance. These properties make the Sn–C nanocomposite a very promising, new type of negative electrode for advanced lithium ion batteries.

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