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From Ambi- to Unipolar Behavior in Discotic Dye Field-Effect Transistors


  • We thank Michael Steiert for XRD and Andreas Best for Nanofocus measurements. Further, we thank Xinliang Feng, Chen Li, and Dr. H.-J. Räder for enlightening discussions. Financial support from the EU project NAIMO (Integrated Project Number NMP4-CT-2004-500355) is gratefully acknowledged. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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Ambipolar, solution-processed thin-film transistors based on a discotic dye turn into unipolar behavior after thermal annealing. No evidence for temperature-induced change in injection barrier or interface trapping can be found to explain this phenomenon. Instead, a variation in morphology is considered as the cause for the observed transition from ambipolar to unipolar charge transport.

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