Core/Shell Nanoparticles as Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Reactions



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  1. Errata: Core/Shell Nanoparticles as Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cell Reaction Volume 20, Issue 24, Article first published online: 16 December 2008

  • This work was supported in part by the NSF (CBET-0709113, and CHE-0349040), the Honda Research Institute, and NYSTAR. We thank Mr. H. Eichelberger for assistance with TEM measurement, and Dr. H. R. Naslund for assistance with DCP-AES analysis.


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Nanoscale catalysis depends on spatial and surface arrangements of atoms. The synthesis of core/shell nanoparticles by synthetic approaches, the characterization of the core/shell nanostructures in terms of the relative core/shell compositions, and the demonstration of the electrocatalytic activities for fuel cell reactions (see figure), as reported in this Communication, have important implications to the design of desired nanoscale catalysts.