Inside Front Cover: Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystal Inks (Adv. Mater. 18/2007)



The inside cover shows a photo and a schematic of a two-step nonthermal plasma process used to produced silicon nanocrystal inks, that is, stable colloidal solutions of silicon nanocrystals. In the first (upper) plasma, nanocrystals are formed through plasma-induced dissociation of silane molecules, leading to nanocrystal nucleation through chemical clustering. In the second (lower) plasma step, organic ligands are attached in-flight to the silicon nanocrystal surfaces. The collected powder of surface functionalized silicon nanocrystals readily forms stable colloidal solutions in nonpolar solvents, report Lorenzo Mangolini and Uwe Kortshagen on p. 2513.