Direct Growth of Highly Mismatched Type II ZnO/ZnSe Core/Shell Nanowire Arrays on Transparent Conducting Oxide Substrates for Solar Cell Applications


  • The work performed at UNO was supported by the DARPA grant no. HR0011-07-1-0032 through the AMRI and Louisiana Board of Regents contract no. LEQSF (2008-11)-RD-B-10. The work at NREL was supported by NREL LDRD and U.S. DOE/OS/BES, under contract no. DE-AC36-99GO10337. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the authors.


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Large-area, well-aligned ZnO/ZnSe core/shell nanowire arrays are synthesized directly on a transparent conducting oxide substrate. HRTEM reveals that ZnO and ZnSe have wurtzite and zinc blend crystal structures, respectively (see figure), the interface is smooth with no transitional layer, and ZnSe grows epitaxially on the ZnO core.