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Combinatorial Hierarchically Ordered 2D Architectures Self-assembled from Nanocrystal Building Blocks


  • The authors thank Professor Yadong Li for assistance. This work was supported by the NSFC (20725102, 50772056), the Foundation for the Author of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of P. R. China, the Fok Ying Tong Education Foundation (111012), and the State Key Project of Fundamental Research for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2006CB932301). Supporting Information is available online at Wiley InterScience or from the author.


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A one-step, low-cost, and general nanocrystal self-assembly method that covers both the nanometer-scale superlattice and macroscale ordered patterns—that is, hierarchical architectures—is developed. This approach can generate various functional, compositional, and dimensional combinatorial architectures. It may give new opportunities in applications of catalysis, electronics, energy, magnetic devices, and bio-techniques.

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