Controlling the Radiative Rate of Deep-Blue Electrophosphorescent Organometallic Complexes by Singlet-Triplet Gap Engineering


  • We thank W. Stadler and A. Helfrich for technical assistance. We are grateful to the DFG and BMBF for financial support through the respective projects Polyspin and OPAL 2008. The German Excellence Initiative is also acknowledged for funding via the “Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM)”.


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The phosphorescence radiative rate of electroluminescent metal complexes is controlled by the singlet-triplet splittingEST). The figure shows how the chemical tailoring of ΔEST influences the radiative rate in a new class of deep-blue emitting complexes. This approach holds promise for the preparation of efficient deep-blue OLEDs (see inset) for solid state lighting applications.