Molecular Glass Resists as High-Resolution Patterning Materials


  • This work was supported by the Semiconductor Research Corporation. The authors would like to thank the Cornell Nanoscale Facility and the Cornell Center for Materials Research for the use of equipment. Interactions with International Sematech and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories have made much of this work possible.


The success of the semiconductor industry is based on the ability to fabricate hundreds of millions of devices on a single chip. In order to fulfill the ever-shrinking feature sizes, the industry requires new patternable materials in order to operate in the sub-50 nm regime. Molecular glass (MG) resists are a new type of patterning material that has gained considerable attention over the past few years. This Research News article describes the chemical and structural aspects of MGs as well as important concepts of MG resist design. We also highlight some of the recent advances in high-resolution patterning capabilities with next-generation imaging tools.