Columnar Mesophases with 3D Order from New Functional Nonconventional Star-Shaped Mesogens


  • This work is dedicated to Prof. Herbert Meier on the occasion of his 69th birthday

  • We thank Prof. H. Meier, A. Oehlhof, and Dr. N. Hanold for the EA and FD mass spectra completed at the University of Mainz and Prof. J. Gutmann (MPIP Mainz) for the availability of the X-ray equipment. DFG and BMBF are gratefully acknowledged for their financial support. Supporting Information is available online from Wiley InterScience or from the author.


original image

Star-shaped oligobenzoates with naphthalene chromophores assemble in columnar mesophases. In the low-temperature phases, mesogens self-organize helically along the columns, leading to columnar liquid crystal phases with 3D order (see image). The formation of these structures is driven by optimization of space-filling and nanosegregation. Naphthalene chromophores are segregated in the center of the columns and operate as hopping sites for charges.